Being Led by the Holy Spirit While Witnessing for Christ

I’m at the Spark’s Marina Park today to witness for the Christ and give out Gospel tracts. I prayed before I got out of my vehicle that the Holy Spirit would lead me to someone He wanted me to witness to and give a tract. The Holy Spirit almost immediately led me to a African-American man named Jonathon. I saw him walking down to the lake and he sat down on a rock. I walked past him initially not sure if I was being lead to him, but the Holy Spirit told me to stop and led me to go back, to introduce myself and offer him a tract. He accepted the tract without hesitation and said he needed it, that he was going through a lot right now in his life. He told me he was thankful for the tract and would read it. I told him I understood what it is to go through a lot in my life as well, but that the Lord is our helper. I spoke with him only briefly and left him to read the tract and to think. I have been praying that the Holy Spirit will open Jonathon’s heart to the gospel and that the Father will draw him to Christ and give to him a saving faith. I will continue to pray for Jonathon. Those of you that read this post please pray for Jonathon as well. God is merciful and gracious. To Him be all the praise and glory!

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