I Will Not be Ashamed of the Gospel of my Lord Jesus Before People

At times in my life, even after becoming a Christian, a citizen in the City of God, I have wasted my inheritance, by pursuing the lusts, sin and rebellion in my heart with fervency.

I want to purse my merciful Lord and the work of His kingdom and life within me with at least the same, fervency, and by the grace of God, given to me in Jesus Christ my Lord, by the Holy Spirit, work and pursue righteousness with far more fervency and dedication, till I am spent for my Lord and the Gospel.
That He may use me to reach those lost in the world of darkness – the city of man, serve them and call people to the glorious life found in Jesus, in the City of God.

I pray that the sphere of influence in the city of man – the world of darkness and sin, will be brought under the dominion of my Lord Jesus Christ and His Gospel .

That I may give my life for Him in service to the least of these my brothers and sisters, with whom I have this one common life.

To God be all the praise and glory forever and ever, amen.

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