I want to take a moment to share a little bit of background about the poems I’m sharing here.

I have always enjoyed reading poetry but never really had the knack for writing poetry. Last year on January 8th I asked the Lord in prayer to give me the gift to write poems. I specifically asked to write them for my wife. I woke from sleep around 1:30 am on the following Saturday and began to write a poem…I wrote around 7 before that day was over.

I am up to around 160 poems so far to date. 74 for my wife, a birthday poem for each of my children that have had birthdays last year–I still have a few more to write for birthdays coming this year–the rest are in praise of my merciful Lord who answers prayer.

The following poem the Lord gave me last April 29th. I am playing around with the layout, so as I get the aesthetic look that feels right for each poem I will share them here, as the Lord leads me to. I pray they are a blessing to those of you who read them. – Terry.

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