Lord Teach Us to Pray

I pray the following is an encouragement for some who may not know what to do or how to pray given your circumstances. My brothers and sisters go to the Scriptures–ALL the Scriptures–and ask the Lord to help you pray as those who have gone before us prayed. The following I posted in a comment thread and thought I would share it here as well.

The Psalms are the very words of Jesus Christ Himself given through David in his actual situations…the same story we are a part of by being counted among the people of God. We take the Psalms as written–pray and sing them as they are written just as David, et al, prayed and sang them. Do not let anyone tell you that they do not apply to us as they applied to the actual writers themselves, this is not a Biblical nor Christian notion.

Ours is a religion of real blood, real tears, real bodies, real pain, real bread, real wine, real water, so on and so forth. We await a real deliverance by a real resurrection–when our Savior and Lord who still right this moment has a real human body–really returns to put the final enemy–death under His feet.

So robustly, with passion, pray and sing the Psalms–all the songs and prayers found in all of Scripture–as if they are your very own, for they indeed are yours!

Lamentations 3:55-66 is one of my favorite portions of Scripture. Jeremiah’s prayer there from the pit is also mine and your prayer too, and God will answer that prayer just as He did then, for He has not changed.

“I called on your name, O Lord, from the depths of the pit; you heard my plea, ‘Do not close your ear to my cry for help!’ You came near when I called on you; you said, ‘Do not fear!’ “You have taken up my cause, O Lord; you have redeemed my life. You have seen the wrong done to me, O Lord ; judge my cause. You have seen all their vengeance, all their plots against me. “You have heard their taunts, O Lord , all their plots against me. The lips and thoughts of my assailants are against me all the day long. Behold their sitting and their rising; I am the object of their taunts. “You will repay them, O Lord , according to the work of their hands. You will give them dullness of heart; your curse will be on them. You will pursue them in anger and destroy them from under your heavens, O Lord .”
Lamentations 3:55-66

I pray the above with as much passion, fervency and tears, on my face before my Father, In Jesus’ name, His beloved eternal Son, my Lord and Savior, by the Holy Spirit, just as Jeremiah my brother did and know my God hear and answers!


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