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The Highest Form of Religious Life is Attained by Prayer

The highest form of religious life is attained by prayer. The richest revelations of God–Father, Son, and Spirit–are made, not to the learned, the great or the “noble” of earth, but men of prayer. “For ye see your calling, brethren, that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called,” to whom God makes known the deep things of God, and reveals the higher things of His character, but to the lowly, inquiring, praying ones. And again must it be said, his is as true of preachers as of laymen. It is the spiritual man who prays, and to praying ones God makes His revelations through the Holy Spirit.

– E. M. Bounds, The Weapon of Prayer


I want to take a moment to share a little bit of background about the poems I’m sharing here.

I have always enjoyed reading poetry but never really had the knack for writing poetry. Last year on January 8th I asked the Lord in prayer to give me the gift to write poems. I specifically asked to write them for my wife. I woke from sleep around 1:30 am on the following Saturday and began to write a poem…I wrote around 7 before that day was over.

I am up to around 160 poems so far to date. 74 for my wife, a birthday poem for each of my children that have had birthdays last year–I still have a few more to write for birthdays coming this year–the rest are in praise of my merciful Lord who answers prayer.

The following poem the Lord gave me last April 29th. I am playing around with the layout, so as I get the aesthetic look that feels right for each poem I will share them here, as the Lord leads me to. I pray they are a blessing to those of you who read them. – Terry.

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